Disposable Latex gloves for the best durability and effective allergy protection.

Latex Gloves provides the comfort and protective shield with smooth fitting and fine finish. Latex gloves have optimal properties of elasticity, resistance and skin sensitivity.

Exemplary comfort, Smooth Shield, and comfort fitting - latex medical gloves meet the exquisite quality requirements and flexibility. Users with the allergic potential to the nitrile gloves or the glove powder can use the alternate option of latex gloves or powder-free latex gloves without comprising their comfort and safety. Latex gloves can mitigate the skin allergies or any kind of allergic triggers.

Latex Gloves has a wide variety of application

Latex Gloves has a wide variety of application

Disposable Latex Gloves have conquered the field of medical gloves due to their elasticity and comfort. The medical and industrial sectors are widely using the latex gloves due to their physical and chemical properties. In the industrial sector, the crucial chemical properties of the latex is resistance against the alcohols and the acids. Modern Latex gloves are characterized by the maximum stretchability & handling hazardous substances. Latex disposable gloves are Optimum resistance to puncture, Smooth finish & Fine fitting. They are used as the examination gloves in the medical sector or at the quarantine stations. Other uses of the latex gloves are:

  • Medical and dental
  • Child care and senior care
  • Food service and food processing
  • Santition & janitation
  • Automotive and manufacturing industries
What are latex gloves made of

What are latex gloves made of?

Natural rubber latex is commonly referred to the latex gloves which was first introduced in 1889, to mitigate the allergies from the medical chemicals. Since then the latex gloves are used widely in the medical industry. These gloves are FDA approved for the medical gloves and provide the protective barrier from the contaminants.

The latex is made up of biodegradable material originated from the rubber trees and despite the advancement in the synthetic materials, latex is the most elastic, durable and comfort fitting for the gloves. Additionally, usage of the latex has surged in the medical, food services and auto repair fields due to its tactility, comfort and dexterity. Latex offers the efficacious shield from the viruses, bacteria and body fluids.

Disposable Latex provides the reliable fit, feel & dexterity

Disposable Latex provides the reliable fit, feel & dexterity

One key attribute of the 24 Medical Latex gloves is that it conforms to the hand and offers the best fit and feel. Likewise in the dental industry, dentists handle small objects, such as the tooth caps or any tiny objects, if they wear the gloves that loosely conform to the user’s hands, they will have the issues in grabbing these items. Therefore, the latex provides the sensitivity and dexterity to mitigate the issue.

Latex exam gloves are available in powdered and powdered-free options, providing the protection & performance in distinct fields from medical to industrial sector.

Latex gloves in the medical sector

Limiting the risk of contamination and infection is one of the primary aims of the 24 Medical and our goal is to improve the quality of the patient care with the latex medical disposables.

24 Medical have assisted the medical industry in terms of safety measures, hygiene maintenance, & low cost. Healthcare is growing at a fast pace thus upsurging the growth of the disposable gloves as it is the basic requirement of the industry.

24 Medical is driven by sustainable process, material and design innovation resulting in effective product design and production.

Sensitive usage of the Latex gloves

Healthcare doctors frequently come in direct contact with the saliva and blood, the usage of the suitable medical gloves is essential for the effective barrier protection from the contamination. 24 Medical keeps the hygiene and safety in top choice in terms of health and safety concerns.

Disposable Latex gloves in different colors

24 Medical not only has the right selection and choice in terms of safety and hygiene, but also matching aspects of the gloves. The gastronomy uses the black latex disposable gloves for the kitchen. Dentists as well as the paediatric dentists prefer more colourful latex disposable gloves so that the patients' attention can be drawn to positive experiences.

For professional use, the 24 Medical provides the Viawant Pro variant which offers the blue & white disposable gloves which are suitable for the versatile application in the medical sector. For particular examinations or for other requirements, the extra long gloves are provided.

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