Disposable nitrile gloves for the best comfort and effective allergy protection.

Nitrile gloves offer the best comfort and effective allergy protection. Nitrile protective gloves are an optimal alternative to latex gloves as they have similar properties such as resistance, flexibility and test sensitivity.

Maximum comfort, optimal protection and impeccable hygiene - single-use nitrile medical gloves meet the strictest quality requirements and are versatile. People that are hypersensitive to latex or glove powder benefit from the better properties of latex and powder-free nitrile gloves - without having to compromise on safety, comfort and quality. Nitrile work gloves and examination gloves from 24 Medical also impress with the impermeability to viruses and strong chemical resistance.

Nitrile gloves for a wide range of applications

Nitrile gloves for a wide range of applications

Nitrile gloves are used more and more frequently since an increasing number of customers suffer from latex allergies and have to deal with skin eczema. The demand for disposable gloves without allergenic ingredients is increasing, especially in the healthcare sector. Modern nitrile gloves are known to have an ergonomic fit, tear resistance, good elasticity and high tactile sensitivity. Nitrile disposable gloves are very easy to put on and take off due to their smooth inner powder-free texture. They are often used as examination gloves by rescue services and quarantine stations. Other uses of nitrile gloves:

  • Bars, restaurants, bakeries, cafe bars.
  • Social and nursing centres
  • Food industry, maintenance
  • Cosmetic and tattoo studios
  • Surgeries, rescue services
What are nitrile gloves made of

What are nitrile gloves made of?

Nitrile belongs to the copolymer group and consists of various components. The main component is acrylonitrile, which is also used in the production of thermosets, for example in Lego bricks. Nitrile rubber is obtained by polymerisation, or more precisely by copolymerisation. The first nitrile rubber was developed by the founders of I. G. Farben in 1930, and the chemical company from Frankfurt was the world's largest at the time.

The process eliminates the need for additional plasticisers. When nitrile cools down, it has rubber-like elastic properties, which prove particularly advantageous in disposable nitrile medical gloves. This is why nitrile gloves are extremely flexible, insensitive to tears and resistant to numerous substances. Neither viruses nor latex can penetrate nitrile surfaces.

Nitrile gloves for medical, lab, food industry

A wide range of disposable nitrile gloves in different colours.

No matter what the occasion, 24 Medical has the right selection. Our gloves have a huge range of applications as well as a superb appearance. The gastronomy industry for instance, prefers using stylish black nitrile disposable gloves in the kitchen. Dentists as well as pediatrists prefer more colourful nitrile disposable gloves so that the patients' minds are filled by more positive emotions.

For professional use, 24 Medical offers the Viawant Pro option, which offers blue as well as white nitrile disposable gloves. Other than that there are special medical cases for which extra long nitrile gloves are produced.

Nitrile gloves in the medical sector

Medical staff needs to protect themselves from secretions and excrement, so disposable gloves are the only viable option. Wearing disposable gloves also ensures patients´ protection from the transmission of pathogens. Our 24 Medical are therefore ideal for the medical sector.

The gloves are extremely thin and preserves tactile sensitivity which is especially vital for activities such as taking blood or changing dressings. However, examination gloves made of nitrile have a thin wall and offer a high degree of durability and safety. Our gloves are very elastic and tear-resistant. 24 Medical disposable gloves are produced in accordance with the medical certifications EN 455 1-3 and EN 374.

Medical gloves made of nitrile are designed for single use and undergo the toughest tests at 24Medical laboratories. The disposable products score an excellent price/performance ratio and are therefore considered as a first-class medical product.

Optimal hand care while wearing nitrile gloves

The expert team at 24 Medical guarantees appropriate skin protection when wearing nitrile gloves.

Nitrile disposable gloves are a perfect fit for all skin types and have the outstanding characteristics but even despite this you should always take good care of your hands. Oil-water-based protective creams are perfect.

Low prices, uncompromising quality

Our customers can benefit from a wide range of fittings and colours. Nitrile gloves are anti-allergic and suitable for customers that have hypersensitive skin.

24 Medical is one of the top picks when it comes to high-class healthcare supplies for medical institutions.. Qualified product advisors support our customers with professionalism and competence. 24 Medical nitrile gloves are offered in the usual high quality - whether latex or nitrile gloves. With 24 Medical gloves, customers enjoy the best possible protection against infections and set the course for a better working environment.

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