24Medical Nitrile Gloves Manufacturer

supplies disposable Nitrile powder-free Gloves to protect against bacteria and viruses. Unlike vinyl gloves for example, nitrile gloves also provide good protection against chemicals, grease and oils. They are therefore more popular than vinyl gloves, especially in laboratories and in a sterile environment. We have a wide range of products within our portfolio, allowing us to cover multiple fields.
World's Leading Nitrile Gloves Manufacturer

Medical 24 Global S.L is a global premium health care brand. Our goal is to provide the highest quality health care products which will benefit our customers.

We specialise in nitrile powder-free gloves because they are very popular in the medical field as they provide a strong protection between the hand and potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Our gloves are medically certified to be used in all hospitals and laboratories.

If you are looking for nitrile gloves for medical use, you must always make sure that the gloves are certified according to the European Standard 455 (EN 455). This standard determines whether or not a disposable glove is approved for use in the medical field.

Whether you are in a manufacturing, healthcare, or laboratory environment; you can enjoy comfort, protection, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness in the 24Medical range of nitrile gloves. 24Medical as a nitrile gloves manufacturer is just one of many leading providers and exporters for disposable Nitrile and Latex examination gloves. At the moment, 24MEDICAL exports into more than 40 nations. The Principal continents include Countries in Europe, the Middle East Nations, Africa, Central, and South America, and also the United States of America (USA). 24Medical offers top value merchandise to clients in healthcare sections, Government, Hospitals, and Blue-Chip companies. 24Medical manages fast - growing market requirements and in an identical period, sustains its price ranges competitiveness.

About 24Medical Nitrile Gloves
About 24Medical Nitrile Gloves
About 24Medical Nitrile Gloves
Our mission!

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of our nitrile disposable gloves by one of our 24 Medical represantives. Our company focuses on selling top quality products at highly competitive prices. At the same time we meet the required quality standards for working in the medical field as well as handling chemicals and food.

If you have any questions about disposable nitrile gloves, we will be happy to guide you and ensure the best possible customer experience.

Social & Ethically Responsible

We believe in a safe and clean environment, therefore we use clean coal-burning technology.

Additionally, we also take care of conserving the water and preserving the resources which make us socially and environmentally responsible in a market putting a dent and inspiration for others to follow the eco-friendly practice.